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ditto Birawa 

   My last career had reached earlier, in fact could not deter my love on the world of photography, that was practiced as a hoby since high school. In 2004 I was decided become a professional photographer.

Focusing in photography took me on an exciting journey and make me firm as a photographer. I am involve in various projects such as musical event, culture and education, fashion, culinary and industrial, also assignment with several major clients in Indonesia and International. 

I am Indonesia Exploride's official photographer, founder and CEO of Birawa PhotoMotion & Associated, Trainers at PT Nikon Indonesia, Speakers of many seminars & workshop, teaching photography,  also Judge in photography contest.

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Wiwid Thuwid Wiwid Thuwid

  A.K.A Radityo Widiatmojo is an Indonesian freelance photografer interested in issues related documentary, portrait, life style, sports, arts, and contemporary culture, Always try to bring a strong perspective of visual enthusiastic photographer, on 2008 he have beeen worked for John Stanmeyer (co-founder of VII Photo Agency, World Press photo winner) as a Photo Retoucher of Island of the Spirit Book and maintain file management system. On 2012 until 2013, his experience became assistance for Sydney based ommercial and fine art photographer, Tania Browitt, also demonstrate an international work experience. On 2013 he won one of the prestigious award form CATC, Square Peg Award, as result of this consistency finished Sydney Street Project, a 2 years street documentary. 

Now lives in Tangerang with his family. While active teaching photography at REA-Project, a personal initiates on Visual Communication Education, also doin long term project in social documentary genre and writing a photo blog.

Publication: The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Daily MAil, Fotogaleria, The Pictures of Day, MSN News, Noticias, News SRT UK, Koran Tempo, Jawapos, Jurnal Nasional, Replubika, Hai Magazie, Travel Fotografi Magazine, Gateway Magazie.

Exhibition: 2013 Untitled, CATC the Rock Sydney, 2012 EVOKE, wish, CATC The Rock Sydney, 2010 International Jakarta Photo Summit, All Out, Galery Nasional Jakarta, 2009, iFashion, Galery Foto Jurnalistik Antara

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Arif Kisnadi

Arif Kisnadi

Arif is a professional and highly experience photographer with special interest n aerial, architecture and commercial industries. Some of his past clients are Suzuki, Telkomsel, Tetrapak Tank, Indofood, YKK, Talisman Engerny and Tripatra Engineering

In addition to photography, he also skilled in Videography and has been created for video profile, video presentation, TV progra,s and fillers for clients such as: Tempo Scan Pacific, Bridgestone, Sarana Sentra Baja and Metro Multi Transportasi.

Due to his past career as a colorist in post-production house, he is closely familiar with technical production for post-pro film as well.


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Raiyani Muharramah

Raiyani Muharramah

I was born in Medan on February 5th, 1973. I fell in love with photography, in 1994 when I took my undergraduate in UGM Yogyakarta, and until now. I keep learning photography to improve my skill.

Many sites and places I’ve visited in my country, and i proudly documented its beauty in various images after the travelling and

exploration. I’m actually fond of any interesting objects, particularly nature, art and culture. Please kindly visit my website at http://raiyani.net  and http://galeribogor.net